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Currently - Working on a redesign
June, 14th 2005 - Copied the version of the June, 10th 2005 at the sourceforge download area
June, 10th 2005 - Snapshot, bug fixes, faster subdivision and other changes
June, 18th 2004 - Snapshot, bug fixes
January, 2nd 2004 - Reordering directory structure, snapshot
July, 11th 2003 - Another snapshot
July, 8th 2003 - Added a text window to RibPreview to show error messages.
July, 5th 2003 - Added a console applicaton 'testrib' to the progsamples that just reads a rib file and prints all errors found to stdout. Made some changes to other classes to do this more easily.
July, 4th 2003 - Moved the handling of the "..." interface functions (calling the "V" interface functions) from TIntermediateRenderer to the base class TRiCPPBinding.
Isolated the Rib parser into its own library ribparser. The Rib parser is doing some more checking now.
June, 2nd 2003 - First compiled snapshot available for download in public.

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