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RiCPP - A RenderMan(TM) C++ Binding

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RiCPP is a C++ language binding of the RenderMan(TM) interface. It supports RIB (RenderMan Interface Bytestream) and OpenGL output. It is implemented as dynamic link libraries running on Windows platforms newer than Windows 95. Development platform is Microsoft Visual C++ 6 and 7. It is intended that C++ programmers can use these libraries as a 3D toolkit. RiCPP is under the [GNU General Public License (GPL)].

RiCPP is being redesigned at the moment.

  • RenderMan(TM) is (R) by Pixar
  • Windows and Visual C++ is (R) by Microsoft
  • OpenGL is a registered trademark of Silicon Graphics Inc

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Last change: Sept., 30th 2008
Contact: Andreas Pidde